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Mindless Rage

I decided today that I wanted to buy Transformers War for Cybertron, so I went down to Wal-Mart because I heard they were selling it for $40.  When I got there they only had two copies left, so I happily purchased my copy and made my way home.

It was when I got home that my happiness turned into rage.

I open game case and what do I see?  A blank CD staring at me.

Thats right I had a blank CD in place of what should have been a game.  So I called Wal-Mart and told them of what happend, and they told me that if I came back to the store they could exchange the game.  Not thinking in my state of rage to ask if they still had any copies left, I jetted back to the store to exchange my blank CD for the game I bought.

After waiting in a slowly moving line, I got up to the costumer service counter only to discover that they had no more copies.

So Wal-Mart in all their benevolence didn’t give me my money back or store credit but instead told me to come back another day when they got more copies.

I asked when that day would be but of course they had no idea.

So thats just dandy.

So not only did I not get my game that I paid for but I can’t even go to another place to get it cause I can only exchange the copy I got with the same game.

So now I have to wait and play phone tag with Wal-Mart to wait and see when they get more copies in.

You would think with all the money they have Wal-Mart could figure out some way to know when they get stuff in.

But thats just crazy talk right?

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