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Mindless Impressions: Transformers War for Cybertron

So far form what I’ve played of Transformers War for Cybertron is really good.  I’ve only played through the first 2 chapters of the Decepticon campaign, and I’m really quite pleased with what I’ve experienced so far.

War for Cybertron is a 3rd person shooter, which takes place on Cybertron long before the Transformers landed on Earth.  You can take control of either the Autobots or the Decepticons, I choose to go with the Decepticons because it’s seems to be the way the story naturally unfolds.

If you’ve played a 3rd person shooter before than you can guess what to expect from the gameplay from War for Cybertron, the only difference here is you can transform into stuff.  The control is tight and responsive and the transition form robot to vehicle is quick.  The controls for each form are pretty much the same, so you don’t have to figure out what does what everytime you transform.

You go into battle with 2 other Transformers at your side controlled by either AI or 2 other players through online co-op. You can choose form the start of each chapter which of the 3 Transformers you’d like to play as and each one plays a bit different each with their own special abilities.

For example for the first chapter I choose to play as Megatron who’s special ability was to drain health from enimes and give it to himself.  While on the 2nd chapter I played as Starscream who’s special ability was to release a shockwave that would damage any enemies around him.

You start off with certain weapons but as you progress through a chapter you can find new ones and swap them in and out for new ones you may find.  Weapons in War for Cybertron are standard fair for what you would get in a 3rd person shooter: shotguns, machine guns, sniper riffles, etc, but with a Cybertronian twist.

Being the trophy whore that I am one feature I’m really glad that was included in the game was a counter to let you know how your progressing for certain trophies.  For example there’s a trophy for shooting the thrusters off of flying enemies and each time you successfully do this it tells you and lets you know how many more you need for the trophy.

I haven’t touched any of the multiplayer stuff, but so far I’m really enjoying War for Cybertron, and you can expect a review once I’m done playing it.

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