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Mindless List: Top 5 Wanted Blu Rays

Trying to come up with something new everyday to talk about on a blog is hard work.  Since it’s been a few days since I last updated this blog, and not wanting to go another day without posting anything I decided to make a random list of stuff I want so I can at least say that I’ve posted something.

So with that I present my Top 5 Most Wanted Blu-rays (in no real order).


The world of Tron just seems like it was made to be seen in HD, and with Tron: Legacy coming out there’s no better time to release Tron on Blu-ray.

The Iron Giant:

One of the last great animated films before people got all crazy with the computers and the CGI.  The Iron Giant is not only a fantastic piece of animation, but a great piece of story telling that makes you wish you had a giant robot as a best friend.

The Incredibles:

Hands down my favorite Pixar movie.  I already own this on DVD but wouldn’t regret double dipping, in this.

My Nehibour Totoro (or anything by Hayao Miyazaki):

I’m a big Miyazaki fan but I still havn’t seen My Nehibour Totoro because I keep waiting for it to come out on Blu-ray.  But the temptation is getting to great and I might end up buying it on DVD before I know it.  So please!!!  Release Totoro on Blu Ray!!!

Also note I’d be happy with anything by Miyazaki on Blu Ray.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (The Complete Series):

One of my favorite animes off all time, is going to be seeing it’s last episode air in a few days in Japan.  And although Funimation has already released vol 1 of Brotherhood on Blu-ray, knowing Funimation it’s only a mater of time before the release the entire series in one big package.  It’s just a matter of when.

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