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Mindless Recommendation: Scott Pilgrim

I’ve been interested in reading the Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels for awhile now, and I got the final push I needed thanks to two things.

1) The trailers for the live action Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World movie, directed by Edgar Wright.

2) The trailers for the 8-bit style beat-em up, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game.

So about 2 weeks ago I went out and bought volume 1 and I instantly fell in love with the series.  In the days following I’ve bought all 5 volumes and I’m now eagerly awaiting the final volume to come out July 20.

If you’ve never heard of Scott Pilgrim before (or didn’t click and of the links) Scott Pilgrim is series of graphic novels by London, Ontario’s own Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Set in Toronto, Scott Pilgrim follows the titular hero as he lives his life, plays in a band and falls in love with a girl named Ramona Flowers.  Scott and Ramona start dating but there are seven things in the way.  In order to be with Roman, Scott must defeat her 7 “Evil Exes”.

Filled with a bunch of video game references (the name of Scott’s band for instance “Sex Bob-omb“) and filled with great writing and dialogue.  The conversations the characters have are very real and believable they remind me a lot of the way I talk with my friends and it makes connecting with them very easy.

Can you guess the reference?

O’Malley’s art style is very simplistic, and there is a definite manga influence within it.  The simplicity goes along way in showing a lot of personality and emotion with the characters. The action is also very fluid and easy to follow due to his simplistic style and it goes a long way.

One of my favorite pages from Vol 5, and great example of it's humor.

So if your interested in reading something a bit different form the usual “tights and capes” you find in most comics give Scott Pilgrim a try.

And be ready for a bunch of Scott Pilgrim reviews, as I’m going to be reviewing the final volume, the game, and the movie when they come out.

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