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My Scott Pilgrimage Through River City

In between breaks of playing Dragon Quest IX (for which a review is coming), I’ve been spending parts of my time playing River City Ransom, on the Wii’s Virtual Console in preparation for the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game that’s due out August 10.

I bought RCR a few years back but never finished it, and since the Scott Pilgrim game seems to have some heavy influence taken form RCR, I’ve decided to dust off my Wii, start over from the beginning and finally finish it.

I’ve been having a good time so far and can’t help marvel at the physiology of the people in River City.

What’s in the water that these people drink that causes them to increase their physical prowess by eating loads of Chinese food?

In my experience the only thing eating high amounts of Chinese food leads to is a trip to the toilet.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find the answer to this mystery at some point during my play through. Until then happy gaming.

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