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New Segment: What Am I Playing This Week?

I’ve decided to start a new weekly segment here on Mindless Babble dedicated to whatever it is I’m playing each week.

I’ll post a new segment every week,  best chances are it will most likely be a Tuesday or Wednesday.

So, what am I playing this week?

Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies:

I’ve been playing DQIX since it came out, and I plan on doing a review on it once I’ve finished the main story.

My main principal before reviewing something is to at least have finished the main story of a game before reviewing it.  Since DQIX is a 20+ hour game there’s a lot more story to get through than I’m used to. So I give a lot of credit to whoever has to review RPGs for any video game magazine, or website.

Before whenever I played an RPG it was just for fun, I took my time with it and didn’t have to worry about having to have it beat at any point in time.

But wanting to write a review on an RPG is different.  Since I don’t want to leave it to long before I put a review up, you really got to play the shit out of an RPG in order to get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

I think I’m almost near the end, so with any luck I’ll have a review up by Sunday or Monday.

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