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What Am I Playing This Week? Vol 4

For this week, I’m still playing a lot of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game.  So far I’ve beaten it with both Scott and Stephen Stills, and am currently playing through with Kim on the hardest difficulty.  I’m still having a good time with it but Scotty P isn’t the big item of the week.

After years of waiting for Nintendo to bring Mother 3 (or Earthound 2) stateside, I’ve realized that since the game came out in 2006 in Japan, and Nintendo has made no real remark about bringing the game over here, I’ve decided to find a way to play it.

I could have imported the game but since I don’t know any Japanese that would have defeated the purpose.  So the other option available was play this game on an emulator, but that didn’t fix the language problem.

But the Internet can be a marvelous thing, as someone out there took it upon themselves to translate Mother 3 into english so everyone would be able to enjoy the game.

Now normally I don’t condone piracy but Nintendo left me with no other option. If the day comes and Nintendo does decide to release this in North America I’ll buy it for sure.  But untill then this is my only option.

So I got the English translation of Mother 3 and have been enjoying it for the past few days now.  The look and feel of Earthbound remains with a few added changes to the gameplay.  And so far the translation is very well done.  All the wit and quirkiness that made Earthbound great remains intact.

For the most part combat looks the same as in Earthbound, you have a static image of an enemy with some psychedelic images going on in the background.  The biggest change to the fighting is the combo system.  If you listen to the music that plays and get the beat down you can extend you attack by following the rhythm.  It essential combines a rhythm game within the combat and it’s a bit tricky to get a hang of at first, but once you get it down it’s very rewarding.

Thats all I got for this week, so happy gaming.

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