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What Am I Playing This Week? Vol 5

It’s another week so that mean it’s another installment of WAIPTW?

I’m still playing through Mother 3, and I’m very close to the end.  I’m considering if I should do a review on it, but not sure if I will.  For one it came out in 2006, but on the other hand it’s a game that hasn’t been released in North America. I have some other games to review coming up, so if I have a slow week I may end up doing one.

For this week the new game on the block is Shank.  Shank is a downloadable title for PSN and XBLA.  It’s a side scrolling beat em’ up that plays a lot like a 2D version of Devil May Cry, with a bit of Prince of Persia platforming thrown in.  I’ve only played a little bit of it, but so far I’m really liking it.

I’ve gotta say August has been a really good month for beat em’ ups.  Scott Pilgrim game out a few weeks ago, Shank this week and than PS3 finally gets Castle Crashers next week.

And speaking of Scott Pilgrim I saw the movie last week.  I plan on doing a review for it but I’ve been having a lot of trouble just sitting down and getting it started.  But if I could describe it in one word it would be disappointing.  I hope I can muster up some sort of work ethic and have a multi worded review up sometime this week.

That is all.

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