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Secret of the T-shirts reveled.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a t-shirt connoisseur. Many a time when I’m among my friends or if I’m at a party I’ll get comments on my t-shirts and asked where I get them, to which I usually reply “the Internets”.

Since I’m a nice guy I’ve decided to reveal the mystery locations of the places where I get my shirts.  The following list I will provid are all places I’ve either gotten shirts from or where I’ve seen some shirts that are on my “to buy list”.

Stylin Online:  This is the place where I’ve gotten the majority of my t-shirts from over the years.  Pretty much if your a nerd or your into pop culture your bound to find at least one shirt that will appeal to you. From video games, movies tv shows and more, Stylin Online has a lot to choose from.

Snorg Tees: Snorg Tees is a place to go if your looking for something a bit more comical.  Featuring shirts with original designs based mostly based on some sort of play on word, or everyday saying but adding a comedic twist to them.

Split Reason: Split Reason is kind of a combination of the first two sites.  It’s largely video game related shirts, but every shirt is an original design that have a more comical tone to them.

Low Rez: This site features shirts based on more retro games form the Atari days.  The stand outs are the minimalist takes on games such as Dig Dug and Donkey Kong.

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