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The Movember Diaries: Day 5

Mustache Report
Another day and the mustache continues to grow and grow.  Not much progress since yesterday, but it seems to be filling in a bit more.  So far there is no sign of the gap in my stache filling in and a comment was made on how it was a Reverse Hitler.  Hair on the sides, nothing in the middle.

In other news, I was interviewed today for a video that the Sheridan Sun Online’s video team is doing about Movember.

Top 5 Video Game Characters With Mustaches
Since Mindless Babble used to focus on video games before I started the Movember Dairies, it would seem amiss if I didn’t include some sort of mention of them during my Movember adventure. So the result is this following list where I take a look at the top 5 video game characters with mustaches.

5) King of All Cosmos (Katamari Damacy series)

The King of All Cosmos is on here for two reasons.  1) His mustache just reeks of nobility and class. 2) His mustache is HUGE!  If you really took the time to think of how big the King is he has one freaking huge mustache!

This is a guy so big, that after a binge drinking spree he ended up destroying all the stars and celestial bodies in the sky.  So for the sure class and scale of his stache, the King deserves the number 5 spot.

4) Mike Haggar (Final Fight series)

The mayor of Metro City is on the list because his mustache harkens back to a simpler time.  A time where the mustache was a noble beast, and men in the most noblest of professions had them.

Your fireman, your policeman, your porn star.  Each  had a stache and wore it as a badge of honor, but sadly in this day in age the professional stache seems to be a dying breed.

So for harking back to this simpler time Mike Haggar deserves the number 4 spot.

3) Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4)

MGS4 was the first Metal Gear game, where it’s long time protagonist Snake dawned a mustache. One thing I know for sure is Snake should have had the lip fur a lot sooner cause it looks damn fine on him.

MGS4 saw a much older Snake than previous games, due to advanced aging.  And to cope with his advanced aging Snake decided to do the only logical thing.  Grow a mustache.  Snake proves that a mustache is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age.  For that reason Snake gets the number 3 spot.

2) Dudley (Street Fighter series)

Of course the man with mustache I most want to have at the end of Movember would make the list, but it might surprise you that he isn’t number 1.  I’ve already gone on about what makes Dudley’s stache great.  It’s the perfect storm combing class elegance and manliness all in one stache but when it come to number 1 only one man takes the prize.

1) Dr.Wily (Mega Man series)

Where the King of the Cosmos has a big mustache based on scale, Dr.Wily’s mustache is just down right big.  It’s like a big furry caterpillar just laid down and took a nap on his lip and it’s been there for the better part of 20 years.

Of course being the mad scientist that he is, it’s only appropriate that the man would have a nice mustache to go with the part.  Dr. Wily does both the scientific community and the mustache community proud.  It boggles the mind, that with a stache as epic as Wily’s he still can’t manage to beat Mega Man.

Honorable Mention


He might be the most famous mustached video game character, but he is no means the best.  But for being the pioneer that he was Mario and his mustache at least deserves a mention.

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