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The Movember Diaries: Day 9

The Mustache Report
I find my self involuntarily stroking my mustache through out the day, this leads me to believe that my mustache has implanted roots in my brain and is slowly trying to take over my body in order meet it’s mustache stoking needs.

My situation reminds me of a Kids in the Hall sketch, in which Kevin McDonald grows a beard and it slowly starts to take over his life.

What fate awaits me at the end of Movember?  Will my stache have fully taken over? Will I simply shave it off?  Or will it all tragically end in an epic battle of Man vs. Stache?  Only time will tell.

So keep me in your thoughts as I try to fight off my stache’s influence.  It will be a long hard fight, but it’s one I must do on my own.


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