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The Movember Diaries: Day 11

Since it’s Remembrance Day I’m taking some time out of the day to remember a stache that has been lost and forgotten.  I’m talking about the “Chaplin.”

Charlie Chaplin had a stache that was truley unique in it’s design.  While most men had a mustache that cover the entire lip Chaplin had a mustache that focused on the center.  His mustache was truley unique until a douche bag named Hitler came along with a similar mustache style and had to ruin it for everybody.

So thanks to Hitler, the Chaplin never caught on, instead the Chaplin is now completely extinct. No man dares grow a Chaplin because it would be mistaken for a Hitler.

Perhaps in another world where Hitler didn’t have a mustache the Chaplin is a hit, but sadly that is not the reality.

So to pay tribute to Chaplin and his mustache, I’m posting a video of Chaplin doing what he did best.  Making people laugh.

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