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Mindless List: Top 5 Christmas Movies/Specials

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s the Christmas season and with that the TV is bombarded with christmas movies and specials.  So I thought it only appropriate to go over my personal top 5 Christmas movies and Christmas specials.

5) Jingle All the Way

Without a doubt the cheesiest movie on the list, Jingle All the Way finds the Terminator himself on a mission to find a “Turbo Man,” doll for his son for Christmas.  The only problem is Turbo Man is the hottest selling toy of the season and Schwarzenegger will have to go through all manner of hell (including Sinbad) to get this doll.

Jingle all the Way is pure cheese at it’s finest, from Arnold’s acting to the final scene that finds Arnold in a Turbo Man costume with working jet-pack, but that’s part of the reason why this movie is so good.

If you haven’t seen this Christmas classic before I highly recommend you check it out, your in for a good time.

4) South Park: Woodland Critter Christmas

Blood Orgy

Yes, blood orgy.  A word I never thought I would ever hear uttered on TV let alone a Christmas special, but of course the genius minds at South Park had to prove me wrong.

What starts off as a tale of a group of cute little woodland critters trying to celebrate Christmas turns into a tale of them trying to recruit Stan’s help in resurrecting the anti-christ.

Woodland Critter Christmas is not only one of my favorite Christmas specials, but it ranks as one of my favorite episodes of South Park as well. Trey Parker and Matt Stone took all the cliches found in a Christmas specials and went on to create a great piece of Christmas satire.

3) Gremlins

What starts off innocently enough about a boy getting a strange new pet for Christmas quickly takes a turn for the worse and turns into a quirky holiday horror movie.

Gremlins is a Christmas/Comedy/Horror movie that features hundreds of little green monsters causing havoc and hilarity on a small town on Christmas Eve.

The pure insanity that unfolds in Gremlins serves as a good reflection at just how insane the holiday season can get, even without little green monsters running around.

2) A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All

Steven Colbert is one of my favorite TV personalities so when he made a Christmas special a few years ago I was really excited for it, and it really stands out on it’s own as a Christmas special.

As the plot goes Colbert is in his cabin in the woods getting ready to leave to film a his Christmas special, but outside his door lies the thing Colbert fears the most. A BEAR!

So trapped in his cabin Colbert must figure out some way to get to his studio.  But despite the bear lurking outside that doesn’t stop a bevy of celebrates including: John Stewart, Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello from stopping buy to sing a song or two.

Colbert Christmas delivers on so many levels, be it the quirky humor you’ve come to expect form Colbert, or from one of the many original Christmas songs, A Colbert Christmas truly is one of the greatest gifts off all.

And let’s face it any Christmas special that ends with Santa fighting a bear with a bowie knife is an instant classic.

1) A Muppet Christmas Carol

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season has always been watching A Muppet Christmas Carol when it was on TV.  But to my dismay last year I never saw my beloved Christmas movie on TV and it really got me down.

But now I own a copy on DVD and can watch it whenever I want. HOORAY!!!

A Muppet Christmas Carol takes the classic Christmas story about Ebenezer Scrooge being visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future(who scarred the shit out of me as a kid) and adds a Muppet twist to it.

With fantastic performance from Michael Caine as Scrooge, and a bunch of great musical numbers A Muppet Christmas Carol remains to this day my favorite Christmas movie off all time, and I suspect will remain so for years to come.

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