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Mindless Babble: Salad

Last night while I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep a large craving to make a salad came over me, but being around 1 am I didn’t want to actual go and make the salad because I might wake someone up in the process.

So instead I lay there, in my bed with thoughts of salad on my mind.

Two thoughts came across my mind in that process the first was how I came about to use the salad dressing that I use on my salad, Golden Italian.

The more I thought about it the more I came to realize that the only reason I used Golden Italian on my salad was that it’s what the rest of my family uses, it’s what I was brought up on as a wee lad.

And it got me thinking, if I went back in time to the point where I first had a salad and was given a choice to what salad dressing I wanted what would I choose?  Would I still choose, Golden Italian? Or would I choose something else?

The second thing that I got thinking about was the worst salad that I’ve ever had, it was about 5 years ago.  It was my first year at Carleton University, and I was in the cafiteria.  The Carleton cafe, had a salad bar in it, so I decided to take advantage of it one night.

I decide to make a caesar salad.

I got all the usual suspects: lettuce, croutons, bacon bits, than it came time to dressing.  I looked over my chocies and saw two white dressings side by side, one said ranch, the other ceaser.  So of course I went with the ceaser.

My caesar salad was now complete, and I made my why over to my new found friends and sat down.  I stuck my fork into a piece of lettuce with a good amount of dressing on it, and put it in my mouth.  As soon as it hit my tongue a knew something was wrong.

The taste was not of caesar dressing, it was of ranch!!!  Someone had mixed up the two and I made, a grave error, and it tasted awful.

I could have just stopped eating the salad, and be done with it, but no I was with a bunch of people I was still getting to know, I didn’t want them to think I was some big food waster.  So instead in my panicked state of mind I decided to grudge on and finish the salad.

Each bite I took was a blow to my taste buds, but still I pushed on.  I got to a point where it looked like I ate a good amount of it and decided I could take no more.  From that moment on I was extremely carful when it came time to make a caesar salad.

So with these thoughts out of my mind, I still lay in my bed waiting to fall asleep, and I think to myself, “It’s funny what your mind can get up to when it’s late and your hungry.”

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