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Top 10 Games of 2011: #3 Catherine

Among all the games I’ve played in 2011 I can say with the upmost confidence that Catherine is the most original and most interesting game I’ve played this year.  In all my 20+ years of playing video games I can honestly say I’ve never played a game quite like Catherine before.

Catherine is a game about relationships and infidelity a theme that really hasn’t been tackled by a video game before.  The relationship theme is all wrapped up in a horror/supernatural twist that helps make the story one of the most interesting stories of the year.

The voice acting throughout the game is also really well done, and it’s accompanied by my favorite video game soundtrack of the year which is essentially a bunch of remixed classical music.  All of this creates a great atmosphere that really draws you into the game’s world and story.

Catherine’s gameplay is just as unique as the story, in what can be described as an action-puzzle-platformer.  The goal is the guide main character Vincent to the top of  a series of towers while the ground falls beneath you or your chased by the demons of Vincent’s subconscious.  Creating a path is simple in concept, as all you need to do is push and pull blocks to create a path but this gets more and more difficult as the game goes on.

Catherine isn’t a game people can get through by just blindly playing it, it takes a lot of quick thinking, skill and luck to make it to the end.  I died many times before I reached the end of the game, but when I finally got there it just made my moment of victory even more meaningful.

In a market that is drowning in an overabudence of first person shooters and sequels, Catherine stands like a beacon of hope for the game industry.  It’s a truly original experience in a market I thought there were none and it offers a good challenge that few games these days offer.  Because of this Catherine more than earns its spot on my top 3 and it’s a game everyone should experience.

  1. newsdrej
    February 20, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    This game drove me up the wall with some of its stages. But damn, it was worth it.

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