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Top 10 Games of 2011: #2 Dark Souls

Dark Souls is hard.  It’s a game that will beat you down, break your spirit, and kill you more times than you’re most likely able to count.  Darks Souls is an unforgiving bitch of a game, but my god do I love it!

Dark Souls is very reminiscent of games from the NES days, in that it doesn’t hold your hand and it requires a lot of trail and error in order to progress.  The game teaches you as you play and every death is a learning experience that only makes you stronger.

There’s a pattern to every enemy in Dark Souls and in it’s learning these patterns that are the keys to victory.  If you run up to even the most basic of enemy with your sword swinging you won’t last long in Dark Souls, it’s having a good defense and finding that right moment to strike which is the key to victory.  And while you’ll be faced with many defeats it’s the times when your victorious that Dark Souls really shines.

There was a boss fight where you need to fight two bosses at the same time named Ornstien and Smough.  For me it was the most difficult fight in the game, I was stuck on them for a good 2 days of nothing but death and defeat.  I could have given up but I didn’t because I noticed every time I fought them I would last a bit longer or cut their health down a bit further than the time before.  Every time this happened it gave me hope to keep trying and not give up.

By the time I finally beat them the feeling of victory that came over me was pure elation, it was a feeling I’ve never experienced from a video game and I had that feeling constantly while playing Dark Souls, but for me this moment was that feeling was at its max.

Darks Souls isn’t for everybody, while the challenge it presents is the reason I love it so much is the same reason it might turn a lot of people away from it.  But that’s the thing about a challenge it isn’t suppose to be easy.  So for being the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve played in 2011 Dark Souls is number 2.

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