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Doodle A Day: Day 26 Shadow Man

Shadow Man is another one of my favorite Robot Masters for the most obvious reason being that he’s a freaking robot ninja!!!

One thing I find odd about Shadow Man is that his weakness is Top Man’s Top Spin.  So if the information from Mega Man 3 is correct if you ever find yourself in a fight against a ninja just spin at them and they won’t stand a chance.

I’d also like to point out that for Shadow Man and used his design from the manga Mega Man MegaMix and GigaMix as I find the look is far superior over the original.  Also Shadow Man having one eye closed is another nod to the manga.

  1. March 2, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    Obviously you’ve never played Ninja Gaiden. That’s all you do in that game too.

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