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Doodle A Day: Day 34 Ring Man

Now that I’m done with the new characters that were introduced in Mega Man 4 it’s time to move on the important stuff. The Robot Masters.

Kicking off Mega Man 4 we have Ring Man, back in the day I always thought Ring Man was a dumb character, but than I read the manga Mega Man MegaMix and GigaMix and he quickly became one of my favorite Robot Masters.

In the manga Ring Man’s original function was as a detective robot and once the events of Mega Man 4 were over he went back to his original role.  What was cool about this is that when Ring Man was on duty they gave him complete detective garb including a trench coat and fedora.  It was a really cool look for him and I’m thinking of doing a “detective variant” of Ring Man once I’m done the rest of the Robot Masters.

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