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Doodle A Day: Day 38 Astro Boy

I felt like drawing Astro Boy today because I’ve been reading Pluto by Naoki Urasawa, a retelling of the Astro Boy story “The Strongest Robot on Earth.”  What I like about Pluto is how it takes something that is usually light and fun and puts it in a darker more serious setting.  It’s a great read that shouldn’t be missed by Astro Boy and manga fans alike.  Hell, even if you just like a well crafted story it’s worth checking out.

Part of what made Osuma Tezuka’s work so fascinating, was how he brought so much life to his characters through their eyes.  Part of the reason I just draw lines for eyes, is I feel that I lack the ability to do the same with the eyes I draw, so I just draw lines instead.  But for Astro Boy I thought just giving him line eyes would be an injustice to the character, so I attempted to give him real eyes instead.  I don’t think my eyes are a complete success, but at least I tried.

While I’m at it I’m gonna post one of my favorite Astro Boy related things, the Japanese opening to the 2003 Astro Boy cartoon.  What I love about this is how captures the feelings of wonder and imagination that I felt watching cartoons as a kid.  It’s something I wanted to share with you all and I hope you enjoy it.

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