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Doodle A Day: Day 85 Search Man

Today marks a glorious day, as today is the day that I’m finally done with Mega Man 8 and can move on to drawing good Robot Masters.  Unlike my time drawing the Robot Masters from Mega Man 7, my time with Mega Man 8 did not bring about a new sense of appreciation and understanding for the Robot Masters of 8.  Instead it may have brought about further distain for them.

I mean look at Search Man. He has two heads… why?  What purpose does it serve? it serves none! Really it doesn’t.  Wily added the second head because he thought for some reason it would make Search Man twice as strong but instead the two heads just argue with one another!  His two head are neither practical nor aesthetically pleasing which means design wise Search Man is a complete failure!

And that ends that, so tomorrow Mega Man 9! HUZZAH!!!

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