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Doodle A Day: Day 86 Hornet Man

After Mega Man 8 came out in 1997 it would be a long 11 years before we saw another entry in the Classic Mega Man series.  But in 2008 Mega Man 9 was released as a digital download and I can’t really express how happy I was when the game was released.  Mega Man 9 was exactly what the Classic series needed taking Mega Man back to his 8-bit roots making everything old new again.

I was originally going to write something about the story about Mega Man 9 but I’ve decided to leave that for another day, instead I’m just going to talk about Hornet Man.  Interesting fact about Hornet Man, he actually started of as a female Robot Master named Honey Woman.  But with the games inclusion of Splash Woman, Honey Woman was changed to Hornet Man,  so technically Hornet Man is the first transgender Robot Master.

Mega Man 9 had some great music so great that the folks at OC Remix made a whole album dedicated to Mega Man 9 called Back in Blue.  So because of that I’m going to include a song from the album with every post for Mega Man 9.

First off is Smooth as Honey by Sir Jordanius a remix of Hornet Man’s stage and the only track to feature lyrics.  Smooth As Honey is my favorite track off the album as the lyrics are really kind of silly and corny, but you can’t help but sing along to it.

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