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Doodle A Day: Day 94 Strike Man

One thing that bugs me a lot about Mega Man games is how sometimes a Robot Master’s weakness makes absolutely no sense at all, sometimes it’s like the Robot Masters were created and than some just goes and assigns weaknesses at random.

But Mega Man 10 isn’t like that at all and every Robot Master has a weakness that makes logical sense!  The first time I played Mega Man 10 I was able to correctly guess the order in which to fight its Robot Masters based on logic alone and it worked and because of the Mega Man 10 is one of my favorite Mega Man games.

Take Strike Man here for example a baseball themed Robot Master.  Using logic I was able to guess that his natural weakness would be Blade Man, as a sword can cut a baseball in half and it worked. LOGIC!!!  It can be a beautiful thing when used correctly.

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