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Capcom Captivate Trailer Gallery

Capcom’s annual Captivate event happened recently and with that a bunch of new trailers have come out of it. With me being a big Capcom fan I decided to share some of them and give a bit of commentary to go with it.

Devil May Cry

Revelations are abound in the newest DmC trailer, and the game is quickly becoming one of my more highly antciepated games of the year.  First we learn the Dante likes to sleep in the nude, and that Bill O’ Riley disapproves of Dante’s antics. The trailer also shows some more of the game’s combat which is looking tight and we see that Dante still maintains his jack-ass sense of humor.  All in all Ninja Theory looks like they’re doing a great job with the DmC reboot despite what haters might say.

Resident Evil 6

I’m not gonna lie. I have a big man crush on Leon S. Kennedy and that’s part of the reason I’m so excited for Resident Evil 6.  The newest trailer does a good job of revealing more about the game’s story and builds a lot of tension and suspense ending in a Leon vs. Chris confrentation. But for as much as the trailer does a good job at building tension and suspense as soon as the logo comes up I can’t take the game seriously anymore.

Once you see it, you can never unsee it!

Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet is a franchise that I’m surprised is still around.  I played the first one and thought it was a big bowl of MEH, and when the 2nd one came out I ignored it altogether.  But the reveal trailer for Lost Planet 3 has me a bit intrigued.  Even though it shows no gameplay, I’m a big sucker for a giant robot fighting a giant ice crab.

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