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Doodle A Day: Day 118 Balrog

What is widely known by video game scholars as The Great Name Change of 91 all happened due to this guy.

Balrog was originally named M. Bison (Mike Bison) in Japan and was modeled after former heavy weight champ Mike Tyson.  This was all fine and dandy in Japan but when it came time to localize the game for North America, Capcom was afraid the Tyson might sue them over a character that resembles him and has a similar sounding name.

So to avoid a nasty legal issue a quick name change was given.  So the boxer formally known as M. Bison became Balrog, the masked enthusiast known as Balrog became Vega, and the big boss man known as Vega became M. Bison.

Or if the video Balrog: Behind the Glory is to belived Barlog won the name in a poker game.

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