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Doodle A Day: Day 120 Journey

Was feeling lazy today so I almost didn’t do a doodle, but I got a sudden urge to draw the cloaked figure from Journey so here it is.

Doodle A Day: Day 119 Akuma

Not really all that happy with how Akuma turned out, he looked a lot better when I was sketching him out.  I was trying to give him some sort of menacing grin but it didn’t really look good so I just gave him an angry pout.

Doodle A Day: Day 118 Balrog

What is widely known by video game scholars as The Great Name Change of 91 all happened due to this guy.

Balrog was originally named M. Bison (Mike Bison) in Japan and was modeled after former heavy weight champ Mike Tyson.  This was all fine and dandy in Japan but when it came time to localize the game for North America, Capcom was afraid the Tyson might sue them over a character that resembles him and has a similar sounding name.

So to avoid a nasty legal issue a quick name change was given.  So the boxer formally known as M. Bison became Balrog, the masked enthusiast known as Balrog became Vega, and the big boss man known as Vega became M. Bison.

Or if the video Balrog: Behind the Glory is to belived Barlog won the name in a poker game.

Doodle A Day: Day 117 Ken

Whose better? Ken or Ryu?  A question that has been around since the two first made their debut.  Me personally I’ve always liked Ken more, his carefree attitude has always been more appealing to me as a character than Ryu’s more serious nature.

Also his Shinryuken is pretty awesome!

Doodle A Day: Day 116 Dhalsim

I tried modeling Dhalsim after Kermit the Frog when he’s waving his arms in the air and going YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Doodle A Day: Day 115 Vega

Vega (or Barlog depending where your from) has always been an oddity to me within the Street Fighter Universe.  The Street Fighter tournaments have always been about finding the best fighters from around the world.  The majority of the fighters are fighting with their bare fists and feet, and despite the odd fireball or so all the techniques are gained through training.

So I’ve always had issue with Vega being aloud to use a claw blade which just seems like cheating.  I know Vega is a villian but this is a regulated tournament with referees and rules someone should be red carding Vega as soon as he steps into the ring.

Doodle A Day: Day 114 Sagat

I remember Sagat being a huge pain in the ass to fight in Street Fighter 2, all he would do is spam his low and high fireball moves over and over again from the far side of the screen.  So in order to fight him you would have to inch towards him ever so slowly while dodging all these fireballs and it could get very frustrating because getting hit by them would push you back a bit.

Doodle A Day: Day 113 Chun-Li

Not gonna lie, as a kid I had a huge crush on Chun-Li.  She’s the first lady of gaming and of my heart.

Doodle A Day: Day 112 E. Honda

Well it would seem playing Pokemon Blue has finally influenced one of my doodles, as I decided to model E. Honda after Snorlax.  I really like my Street Fighter/Pokemon mash-up so my question for you is, Street Fighter X Pokemon anyone?

Doodle A Day: Day 111 Zangief

Zangief most recently made an appearance in the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph an upcoming movie about a video game villian who wants to be a good guy.  Now if you havn’t seen the trailer you can watch it below and if you’ve seen it already watch it again, cause it’s awesome.

While the trailer is amazing and all accounts I have one big problem with it.  Zangief is not now or has never been a bad guy!!!  He might be a big scary looking Russian guy with a habit of pile-driving people into the ground, but none of that make him a bad guy.

In the games Zangief is seen as his country’s national hero, his goal in most of the Street Fighter games is to display the glory of Mother Russia to the world, he’s even gone up against Shadaloo (the series big evil group) a couple times.

And really can a man who enjoys cossack dancing with Mikhail Gorbachev really be considered evil?  I don’t think so.


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