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Doodle A Day: Day 93 Magma Man

Now that I have Magma Man done I’ve reached the end of Mega Man 9.  Tomorrow I star Mega Man 10 the last of the Classic series that have been released so far.  So this has me thinking about I should draw once Mega Man 10 is done.

There are still characters from the Gameboy versions the Classic series that I haven’t drawn yet, but as I’m approaching the 100 doodle mark I think I might take a break from Mega Man for a while and draw something else.  I still have a little while before I decide but it’s something I’ve been thinking about.

So what do you think? If I start a new series is there anything you’d like to see? Or should I just draw random video game characters for a bit?

And finally for the music we have Cool Burn a remix of Magma Man’s stage by Drake Sword.  If you’ve liked any of the music I’ve posted over the course of my Mega Man 9 doodles you can download the whole album here for free.


Doodle A Day: Day 92 Galaxy Man

I really like Galaxy Man because of how simple his design is, other than his head everything about him is very basic.  His body is nothing more than a circle with another circle in it, even his hands are vary basic compared to other Robot Masters.

As for today’s musical selection we have Astro Fusion by Joshua Morse, the same guy responsible for Select Hop which was featured on Concrete Man’s entry.

Doodle A Day: Day 91 Jewel Man

I attempted to draw Jewel Man performing his Jewel Satellite attack and I think it turned out alright for the most part.  As for Jewel Man himself I’m not really a big fan of his design as I find all the jewels on him very distracting.  Also whenever I look at Jewel Man I can’t help but think of Mr. Do! for some reason.

Yah that’s right, I made a Mr. Do! reference.

As for today’s musical selection we have Family Jewels by The Kilgores which has a really nice retro vibe to it that I really like.


Doodle A Day: Day 89 Plug Man

Normally I don’t update on Sundays but I missed the past two days due to various reasons so I didn’t want to go on another day without doing anything.  So we have Plug Man one of my favorite Robot Masters from Mega Man 9, I really like his plug aesthetic he has going on and his plug arm is really cool.

Also his theme music is pretty awesome, as made evident by the remix High Voltage by Sixto Sounds a high energy rock track that makes you remember why Mega Man is called Rockman in Japan.

Doodle A Day: Day 88 Splash Woman

Mega Man 9 represents a big landmark for the Classic series as it’s the first and so far only game to include a female Robot Master. It only took Capcom 9 games over a span of 21 years to finally include a female Robot Master, but hey, PROGRESS!!!

For today’s music selection we have Splash Waltz a remix of Splash Woman’s stage by Corran off of the Back in Blue album and I really dig this track.  The tracks simple use of guitar and flute bring about a really diverse sound from the rest of the album an it makes you feel like your going on some sort of epic quest.

Doodle A Day: Day 86 Hornet Man

After Mega Man 8 came out in 1997 it would be a long 11 years before we saw another entry in the Classic Mega Man series.  But in 2008 Mega Man 9 was released as a digital download and I can’t really express how happy I was when the game was released.  Mega Man 9 was exactly what the Classic series needed taking Mega Man back to his 8-bit roots making everything old new again.

I was originally going to write something about the story about Mega Man 9 but I’ve decided to leave that for another day, instead I’m just going to talk about Hornet Man.  Interesting fact about Hornet Man, he actually started of as a female Robot Master named Honey Woman.  But with the games inclusion of Splash Woman, Honey Woman was changed to Hornet Man,  so technically Hornet Man is the first transgender Robot Master.

Mega Man 9 had some great music so great that the folks at OC Remix made a whole album dedicated to Mega Man 9 called Back in Blue.  So because of that I’m going to include a song from the album with every post for Mega Man 9.

First off is Smooth as Honey by Sir Jordanius a remix of Hornet Man’s stage and the only track to feature lyrics.  Smooth As Honey is my favorite track off the album as the lyrics are really kind of silly and corny, but you can’t help but sing along to it.

Important Public Service Announcement, Download Mega Man X: Maverick Rising, Now!!!

If you visit this blog on a usual basis than that must mean that like me, you like Mega Man on some level.  As you know, one of the best aspects of any Mega Man game is the music.  Well, if you’re a fan of Mega Man X do I have some good news for you!

The fine folks at OverClocked ReMix have just released their 33 album, Mega Man X: Maverick Rising.  What you get from downloading Maverick Rising is a plethora of 62 remixed songs from the entire Mega Man X series clocking in at a whooping 4 1/2 hour playtime.

The best part of all this? The entire album is free!!!

So do yourself a favor and download Maverick Rising now!!! You can do so here.

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