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Waking up Snorlax

February 18, 2013 Leave a comment

I am a Snorlax.

I’ve been one for a long time now, and it’s the main reason why I haven’t updated this blog in almost 8 months.  I’ve been in a rut that’s left me lazy and unmotivated to write anything for the longest time, but it’s about time I snap out of it and get back into the swing of things.

This pretty much sums me up over the last 8 months.

So this blog post serves as my Poke Flute, it’s what I hope will wake me up from out of this rut and get me back to doing something that I really loved doing.

I don’t really have a plan for how often I will update, but I can guarantee that it won’t be another 8 months before I post something new.  I also don’t plan on continuing with Doodle A Day, as doing that for so long is what kind of burnt me out on this blog in the first place.  I might still do a doodle now and than but it’s not going to be a daily feature anymore.

So for those of you who followed my ramblings in the past I apologize for my long absence, and hope you’ll stick around with me a bit longer. So with that out of the way.

It’s time to wake up!


E3 2012 Round Up and Impressions Day 1

So E3 began today and all of the big names except for Nintendo had there press conferences.  So with the final conference over I thought I’d give my thoughts on some of the stuff that caught my eye.

P.S. I put this together in a hurry so I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Don’t have a 360 so I didn’t watch the press confrecne but from what I hear it was nothing but Halo 4 and a bunch of Kinect stuff.  So if your into that kind of thing good for you!

Dead Space 3 was really the only thing that I was interested in during EA’s press conference and I don’t know how to feel about it.  While the demo and trailer that were shown look really good, Dead Space 3 looks like it’s going away from its survival horror roots in favor for a more action oriented co-op experience.  I hope this isn’t the case as the original Dead Space is one of my favorite games of this generation and I’d hate for the series to lose what made it so good to begin with.


Ubisoft actually had a really strong showing this year the highlight of course being Assassin’s Creed 3 which looks freaking amazing!!!  AC3 looks like what would happen if Assassin’s Creed and Red Dead Redemption made sweet sweet love and had a beautiful love child together.  Ubisoft also showed off some naval battles that you’ll get to take part of in the game and it’s looking like a really good addition to the AC formula (unlike the tower defense crap we got in Revelations).

Other notable things from Ubisoft are Rayman Legends the sequle to last year’s Rayman Origins which is looking like more of the same, but Rayman Origins was amazing so having more of that really isn’t a bad thing.

Ubisoft’s big reveal was their new IP called Watch_Dogs that has you taking control of some sort of super hacker who can hack into anything to manipulate the environment.  While I like the premis I wasn’t really floored by the demonstration that was given but the game looks like it has some serious potential behind it.

Sony started off big with revealing Heavy Rain creator Quantic Dream’s new game Beyond: 2 Souls.  Not a lot of details about what the game is actually about but it stars Ellen Paige and she seems to be able to communicate with some sort of ghost.  Beyond is looking really good and it’s a game I’m very eager to learn more about.

Sony also did some stuff with Playstaion All-Stars Battle Royale (worst name ever) announcing a Vita version of the game as well as giving a demonstration of it.  My feelings about this game are a bit mixed, I love the idea of a Sony Smash Bros. but I’d rather have a straight up copy of the formula that makes Super Smash Bros. so great rather than this building up your super meter nonsense.  2 new characters were also revealed: Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, and Bioshock’s Bid Daddy.  The inclusion of Nathan Drake is a no-brainer but Big Daddy is a pleasent surprise.

Sony also showed the first single player footage of God of War Ascension which is looking like more God of War.  The demo was good but it didn’t blow me away like God of War 3’s E3 demo did.

And last but not least we finally got to see the first real gameplay footage for the Last of Us, and in true Naughty Dog fashion the game looks absolutely phenomenal.  I really like how the game has an emphasis on stealth as opposed to Uncharted’s run and gun gameplay.

So far the first day of E3 has been pretty good and unless Nintendo just blows it out of the park tomorrow I think Sony is going home as this year’s winner.

Doodle A Day: Day 75 Duo and a Mega Man 8 rant

It’s my 75th doodle, HUZZAH!  To celebrate here’s a rant about Mega Man 8!

The day I’ve been loathing since I’ve started doodling has finally arrived.  Today marks the beginning of Mega Man 8 and I despise Mega Man 8.  I’ve mentoned before that I’ve been playing through all the classic Mega Man games as I’ve been doing these doodles and Mega Man 8 is the only game I couldn’t finish. Not because it was to hard, but I just couldn’t stand paying it anymore.

Why do I hate Mega Man 8 so much?  The first and most obvious reason is because of the game’s sound design.  I’m no just talking about the famously horrible voice acting littered throughout the game but the game’s music as well.  The best part of any Mega Man game has always been the music but Mega Man 8 ruins that by filling Mega Man 8 with nothing but a bunch of generic rock and jazz tracks.


But sound design normally isn’t enough to make me despise a game, the level design in Mega Man 8 is also pretty horrible as well.  And it’s one thing to play through a bad level but when the visuals make you want to tear out your eyes it makes the whole experience a lot worse.  Not that the graphics are particularly bad just the colour pallets they used are so bright I can’t stand to look at them.

The only redeeming thing I can say about Mega Man 8 isn’t even about Mega Man 8, but rather Rockman 8 from Japan.  Both versions of the game open with the same animated intro, the US version has some generic jazz rock song playing during it that doesn’t really get you to excited for anything.


But the Japanese version has this catchy J-Pop intro that really gets you pumped up and saying “LET’S PLAY SOME FUCKING MEGA MAN!!!”  The opening also brings about a sense of limitless potential within the game that unfortunately is never reached.  But it’s nice to believe if only for a second your about to play something amazing.


That about ends my Mega Man 8 rant so I suppose I should say a few words about Duo.  Duo was introduced in Mega Man 8 as a main focal point for the game’s story, he’s from space and he has a big arm.  Other than that there isn’t much to say about Duo as he’s kind of a forgettable character not really showing up in any other classic entries of the series.

Ni no Kuni delayed, grown man cries

April 11, 2012 4 comments

It was announced today that the Studio Ghibli/Level 5 joint; Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will be facing a few delays in coming to North America, lengthening the time where I can finally cradle the game in my arms.

The game was originally set to come out sometime in winter of this year, but it was announced that Ni no Kuni is now aiming for as Q1 2013 release.  This is indeed saddening news as Ni no Kuni was one of the few games of 2012 that I was genuinely excited about.

The news of this delay has me seriously considering learning Japanese just so I can import the game, but by the time I can fluently understand Japanese 2013 will probably already be here. So until than all I can do is watch this trailer over and over again.


What’s There to Get Excited About in 2012?

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment

2011 was a great year for gaming; it was one of the best we have seen in years. It is a year that saw the release of games like: Portal 2, Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, and Skyrim – to name just a few. With a great year of gaming behind us it is time to look forward to the games coming out in 2012; but I find myself facing a dilemma that I haven’t really faced before as a gamer: as I look ahead at what games are being released sometime this year, I find that I have very little to get excited about in 2012.

That’s a excerpt from an article I wrote for Toronto Thumbs that got published today. If you want to read the full thing go here.

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